Thursday, March 19, 2009

Evaluation of Bullying unit

We are almost finished our unit on Bullying. We have finished our PowerPoint and we are almost finished our video too. We also made a song that we are going to put in with the PowerPoint. So far the project has been pretty easy, the PowerPoint was very easy but the song was sort of hard to make because we kept on wanting to edit it and then sometimes it got messed up or deleted and we had to do it all over again, as for the PowerPoint, we had made one before but then it got corrupted and kept on getting frozen every time we tried to play it. The video is also sort of hard because we need to do everything exactly right. If we make a mistake while filming than we need to stop and do it all over again. One of the hardest parts of the video is when I and Ali (the bullies) are hitting Rami (the victim). This scene is very hard because we need to make it look like we are hitting him for the camera but in real life we can’t be hitting him or else he would get hurt. The other scenes like when I and Ali are getting in trouble were pretty easy. But one of our problems with those scenes was that we kept on laughing. It was pretty hard to try to act out in a video, and we also had to try our best not to look are the camera. We used our time pretty well, we were always working but of course I think it will take us longer to finish the project than most groups because most of them only did one thing but we did a PowerPoint and a video. For investigate we just searched up the different kind of bulling (physical, verbal...etc). For design we did a lot, we had to design the different slides of the PowerPoint and what we were going to put on each one. We also had to plan what to do in the video and what to say at certain times. Then we had to plan, our plan was basically like our design, we planned out how long we wanted the song to be, what we wanted on the PowerPoint and in what order. We also had to plan when to do things and what to say while we were doing them. For create we actually made the song, which took a while because we had to put in the beats and the guitars and decide how we wanted it to sound. We worked pretty well; we worked together and didn't waste our time. Everything we did was done quite well actually I think that we did quite well, and our video turned out better than I thought it would be. I could improve on not joking around as much and trying not to laugh during the video and we could have finished the song faster. There isn’t anything that I would have done differently except for in one scene Harris was absent the day that we made it so he was supposed to be in it but he wasn’t. Actually we had more time than I thought that we did, we have been doing this project for a while now and it is a pretty fun project to make too. As I said earlier the difficulties that we had with the song was editing, the PowerPoint got corrupted and we kept laughing in the video. We haven’t given the video, or PowerPoint to anybody to get feedback because we haven’t finished editing them yet. We also still haven’t attached the song to the PowerPoint. We all worked hard and well during the project and I don’t think it would be possible for us to do a much better one.

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